Dunfermline Athletic

Steve Clarke has begged Nicola Sturgeon to allow the fans back into Hampden for the Euros in June when we meet Croatia and the Czech Republic in Group Games.

In England the Prime Minister,Boris Johnson, in a much less cautious 4 step roadmap than we have in Scotland, wants the return of English Football, with crowds as early as 17th May

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DAFC and Back Onside Partnership

DAFC and Back Onside Partnership DAFC are pleased to announce its partnership with mental health charity Back Onside. The club recognises the great work that the charity does, especially in a football environment.

Eddie Martin commented “One of my objectives when I was appointed DAFC’s Mental Health Ambassador was to try and make our club an even more mentally healthy workplace.

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The day Hampden called it right

There was considerable relief, on 26th January, in Scottish Football, when The Professional Game Board at Hampden agreed that David Martindale was now fit and proper to continue as the Manager of Livingston FC.

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Bonus ball draw Pars Red Kit

Bonus ball draw Pars Red KitBonus ball draw for Paul Town original artwork

Paul has agreed to give this piece on a 50/50 split with the Support The Pars fighting fund

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DAHT mugs

DAHT mugsNo ! Not the people 🤭

Following on from the Ticket Stub/Programme Coaster Set sets of (China) mugs are available.

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Suspension Of Belief

Back in the 1990s I used to enjoy the classic BBC Comedy Series "Yes Prime Minister". It was not only an award winning comedy but educated many of us in Politics.

PM Jim Hacker was forever adept at covering up a controversial topic by giving publicity to something juicy which the tabloids would feast on. These were set up for him by Civil Servant Sir Humphrey. It is a technique utilised today. On the grim day of 09/11 a number of bad news items were hushed up.

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