R G Foreman and Son, Traditional Butchers, Game Dealers, Wine Merchants & Cheese Specialists. Founded 1840

Game used in the pies is sourced locally. The main ingredients are venison, pheasant breast, brown hare, rabbit and pigeon. The pies also contain gammon, pork and chicken enclosed in shortcrust pastry.

Border Butcher

Border ButcherSo, why should you buy from Foreman`s rather than your local supermarket ?

In one word, Quality. Here in the Border country, where the farming industry is still the mainstay of our economy, people are very close to the source of production and so know the difference between a quality product and something which has been designed to appeal to the broadest possible market.

It`s a sad fact, but too many people today are simply unaware of what they`re missing, and if, by chance, they do taste a piece of well-hung beef or pork from one of the traditional breeds they`re astonished by the difference in flavour and texture..

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Five generations

Five generationsBorder Butcher has 5 generations since 1840.....

The firm was founded by my great-great grandfather Robert George Foreman at the same premises from which the business operates today.

For many years Robert was assisted by his brother Harry, until eventually Harry decided to set up in business for himself, choosing the village of Lowick (about ten miles south of Norham) as his base.

Lowick is just a couple of miles from the coast and Harry`s "patch" included Holy Island (Lindisfarne) which is connected to the mainland by a causeway which is flooded twice daily by the rising tide.
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